Jerusalem Summons 2017

  November 3 to 12, 2017

DAY ONE - Thursday, November 2

Begin your Journey to answer the Jerusalem Summons.

DAY TWO - Friday, November 3

Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport and take a sherut to the Grand Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. From our hotel you can walk over to the beach or explore the city as it prepares for the Sabbath. In the evening, a special Shabbat Dinner awaits you.

Dinner and Overnight at Grand Beach Hotel, Tel Aviv

DAY THREE - Saturday, November 4

Travel to the heart of the Negev Desert to visit the ancient village of Susya where faith-filled Jewish people have lived since ancient times. Then head south to see The House of Yahweh from the time of the Judean kings at Tel Arad. In the modern city of Arad, experience the moving Fountain of Tears Memorial, created by Israeli sculptor, Rick Weinecke. From Arad, travel down to The Dead Sea, the lowest place on the surface of the earth reachable by man where we’ll stay at the David Beach Hotel on the seashore. You can float in the water of the sea effortlessly or enjoy the spas and pools and then enjoy the Dinner that awaits us as the Sabbath ends.

Dinner and Overnight at David Resort & Spa, Dead Sea

DAY FOUR - Sunday, November 5

Head south along The Border of Jordan to the cliffs of The Mines of Timna where Israelites worked for Pharoah until they were freed from Egypt in the Exodus. Visit a replica of The Tabernacle in the Wilderness that has been set up in the Timna Valley. Head north to The Spring of Ein Gedi where David and his army hid from King Saul. Today it is a Nature Reserve where protected animals thrive by the stream fed by one of Israel’s most beautiful waterfalls. Then ascend the mountainous road through the hills of the Judean Desert to Jerusalem, golden in the evening sun. A Welcome Dinner awaits you at the Jerusalem Tower Hotel near Ben Yehuda Street filled with shops and restaurants in the heart of the city.

Dinner and Overnight at Jerusalem Tower Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY FIVE - Monday, November 6

Start your first day in Jerusalem at the beautiful Southern Entrance to the Temple Mount where Jesus so often taught His Disciples and three thousand new believers were baptized on the Day of Pentecost! Pray at The Western Wall, the holiest site for the Jewish people in all of Israel. Then visit The Dungeon where our Lord was imprisoned in The House of the High Priest, Caiaphas before He was crucified! Get a glimpse of “Jerusalem as Jesus knew it” at The Israel Museum and visit The Scroll of the Book where many of the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept. Your heart will be stirred as you experience the time of The Holocaust at The Yad Vashem Memorial on Mount Herzl. End your first day in Jerusalem in prayer and worship together at The House of Peace, a center for End-Time Handmaidens and Servants from all over the earth.

Dinner and Overnight at Jerusalem Tower Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY SIX - Tuesday, November 7

Pray and reflect in The Garden of Gethsemane. Stand by The Pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed the lame man. Visit The Temple Mount Institute where all the vessels and priestly vestments have already been made and are awaiting the time when The Temple will be rebuilt! After Lunch in the Jewish Quarter, we’ll walk through The Old City of Jerusalem to Christ Church, where you can Worship in the Oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East. Browse through the treasures in the shops near by Jaffa Gate. Then share in Communion at The Garden Tomb as we celebrate His Resurrection together! In the evening, worship together as The Jerusalem Summons begins in the heart of The Modern City of Western Jerusalem!

Dinner and Overnight at Jerusalem Tower Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY SEVEN and EIGHT - Wednesday and Thursday, November 8 and 9

Be inspired and intercede for God’s Purposes in these Last Days as we meet together in His Presence in The Jerusalem Summons at The Israel Prayer Tower at the top of Migdal Ha’ir (The City Tower) overlooking Ben Yehuda Street and all of Jerusalem!

Dinner and Overnight at Jerusalem Tower Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY NINE - Friday, November 10

Follow the route of the Jordan River past Jericho through the Aravah Valley up to Galilee. Walk on the ancient streets of Beth She’an and Scythopolis, one of the largest and most beautiful archaeological sites in the Middle East! Then set sail on The Sea of Galilee as we worship surrounded by the beauty that Jesus knew. Visit Capernaum, where Jesus healed and touched so many hearts! Walk in the Synagogue where He taught and pray together where so many have been healed! We’ll visit Magdala, the newly excavated village of Mary Magdalene. Then after our Sabbath Dinner at our Kibbutz Guest House on the sea, you can walk along the shore or just enjoy the peace as the moon rises over the mountains to the east.

Dinner and Overnight at Kibbutz Ma'agan, Sea of Galilee

DAY TEN - Saturday, November 11

Ascend to the orchards and fertile farms of The Golan Heights and pray together for God’s purposes to be fulfilled at the Border with Syria. Then drive to the base of Mount Hermon and the New Testament city of Caesarea Philippi. Visit the Old Testament city of Dan built by The amazing Dan Spring, the largest spring in the Middle East. We’ll pray and intercede together over The Border of Lebanon! Then we’ll drive south through the beautiful Hula Valley to Yardenit where you’ll have an opportunity to Be Baptized in the Jordan River. Then as the sun sinks lower, dinner awaits you at our guest house by the sea.

Dinner and Overnight at Kibbutz Ma'agan, Sea of Galilee

DAY ELEVEN - Sunday, November 12

Begin this Sunday Morning praying over Nazareth where God’s Spirit is moving in a wonderful way in these Last Days. Then ascend the heights of Mount Carmel to Mukraka where Elijah called down the fire that consumed the sacrifice and brought revival to the nation! Then visit Caesarea by the Sea, where Paul was imprisoned and where the Lord first poured out His Spirit on Gentile believers! We’ll travel south to Tel Aviv and pray with Israeli believers in a special Prayer Center that overlooks the whole of this largest city in Israel. Then as the sun sinks on this last day in Israel, we’ll share some of the wonderful experiences we’ve had together at a special Farewell Dinner before we head to Ben Gurion Airport .

DAY TWELVE - Monday, November 13

Come Home Inspired and Refreshed with a New Vision of all that the Lord has done in this Summons to Jerusalem and all that He will be doing as we continue to pray into the future that He is unfolding before us!


PLEASE NOTE!  We reserve the right to omit any site and/or change the itinerary
Should it be necessary due to local conditions.