Jerusalem Summons 2018

  November 1 to 12, 2018

DAY ONE - Thursday, November 1

Fly from New York's JFK Airport at 10:00 PM on El Al to Tel Aviv. Because we’re celebrating Israel’s 70th Birthday this year, our trip will not only include sights that go back to the Patriarchs, the Prophets and Jesus’ ministry but we will also highlight some of the places where God has been bringing His Word to pass in our own modern era here in this Land of His Promise Fulfilled!

DAY TWO - Friday, November 2

Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport in the afternoon. Board a beautiful, air-conditioned coach headed for the King Solomon Hotel nestled in Netanya, a beautiful seaside town on the shore of The Mediterranean Sea. Walk on the beach or just enjoy the view as the sun sets and the peace of the Sabbath settles over the coast. In the evening a Special Shabbat Dinner awaits you.

Dinner and Overnight: King Solomon Hotel, Netanya

DAY THREE - Saturday, November 3

In the morning, we’ll ascend up the slopes of Mount Carmel to the quaint Zichron Ya’akov, one of the first “modern” villages in Israel, started in 1882. We’ll meet some of the people of the town and hear the story of all that God did and is doing there. Then cross the mountain to The Valley of Armageddon. Stop at Nazareth and pray over the city! We’ll drive past Mount Tabor to the hills above The Sea of Galilee to see the little village of Chorazin and its synagogue, where Jesus preached many times. Then ascend up to The Golan Heights! We’ll pray over the border as we look over into Syria and then watch the sunset from the hills overlooking the Sea before we descend down to our Kibbutz Kinar Galil Hotel on the eastern shores of The Sea of Galilee.

Dinner and Overnight: Kibbutz Kinar, Sea of Galilee

DAY FOUR - Sunday, November 4

Worship together at Capernaum where so many of Jesus’ mighty miracles happened! Ancient Magdala, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, was home to Mary Magdalene. Then we’ll visit the lush, tropical paradise of Degania Alef, the first “kibbutz” (collective farm) ever built in Israel, where General Moshe Dayan was born. On this Sunday afternoon, set sail on The Sea of Galilee as we worship together just as Jesus and His Disciples did so many times on that same water! Then as the day ends, you’ll have an opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River at Yardenit! In the evening, dinner awaits you at our guest house by the Sea.

Dinner and Overnight: Kibbutz Kinar, Sea of Galilee

DAY FIVE - Monday, November 5

Follow The Jordan River Valley past Jericho and Qumran, where The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered to see the beautiful Springs of Ein Gedi, where David found refuge in the desert. We’ll see The Waterfall and pray there and then float on the incredible and beautiful waters of The Dead Sea, the lowest reachable surface on the face of the earth! Then ascend through the mountains of The Judean Wilderness where Jesus was tempted to The Holy City of Jerusalem! After dinner at our Lev Yerushalaim (The Heart of Jerusalem) Hotel, you’re invited to a Miracle Service at Succat Hallel (The Tabernacle of Praise)!

Dinner and Overnight: Lev Yerushaliyam, Jerusalem

DAY SIX - Tuesday, November 6

We’re taking a trip to the Sharon Plain to visit Rishon Le’Zion, one of the pioneer cities of Modern Israel, where we’ll catch a glimpse of what it was like to live in Zion in 1882! Then drive to the center of Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city, to stand and pray in Independence Hall where the Declaration of Israel’s Independence was made just 70 years ago! We’ll eat lunch at Tel Aviv’s vibrant, open air Carmel Market and then visit with the believers from Adonai Roi Congregation in their Dugit Coffee House where they reach out to people from every walk of life every day in the heart of the city! Then head back up into the Judean Hills to the first Jerusalem Summons meeting in the Migdal Ha’Ir (The City Tower) in the center of Jerusalem!

Dinner and Overnight: Lev Yerushaliyam, Jerusalem

DAY SEVEN and EIGHT - Wednesday and Thursday, November 7 & 8

Be inspired and intercede for God’s Purposes in these Last Days as we worship and pray together on the twenty-first floor in The Israel Prayer Tower, high over Ben Yehudah Street in the heart of Jerusalem!

Dinner and Overnight: Lev Yerushaliyam, Jerusalem

DAY NINE - Friday, November 9

Start your day 3,000 years ago in The City of David. You’ll see where Israel’s Kings were crowned and visit The Pool of Siloam, where Jesus healed the blind man’s eyes! Then we’ll go up to the Southern Entrance to the Temple where Jesus taught His disciples and where 3,000 were baptized on The Day of Pentecost! Then walk through the time of the Holocaust at Yad VaShem, the memorial to the six million Jewish people who were killed. We’ll worship in beautiful Christ Church, the first Protestant Church ever built in the Middle East and wander through the treasures in the shops of the Old City of Jerusalem!

Dinner and Overnight: Lev Yerushaliyam, Jerusalem

DAY TEN - Saturday, November 10

Spend time in prayer and reflection at The Garden of Gethsemane. Stand in the place where Jesus was tried and beaten at The House of Caiaphas. Share in Communion at The Garden Tomb! Worship at The Pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed the lame man! In the afternoon, you’re invited to a special meeting at The House of Peace, the center for End-Time Handmaidens and Servants in Jerusalem.

Dinner and Overnight: Lev Yerushaliyam, Jerusalem

DAY ELEVEN - Sunday, November 11

Visit and Pray over The Knesset, Israel’s Seat of Government. Get a glimpse of “Jerusalem as Jesus knew it” at The Model of Jerusalem at The Israel Museum and see The Shrine of The Book, where The Dead Sea Scrolls are displayed. We’ll drive through Ein Karem, the little village where tradition says John the Baptist was raised, on our way to Yad HaShmonah, a Messianaic, collective farm built in the Judean Hills. Stroll through The Biblical Gardens there, overlooking the Sharon Plain to the west. Then as the sun sinks on our last day in Israel, we’ll share together some of the wonderful experiences we’ve had during our time in The Holy Land at a Special Farewell Dinner before we return to Ben Gurion for a late night flight home.

DAY TWELVE - Monday, November 12

Come Home Inspired and Refreshed with the New Vision God has given and All That He Has Done during this Jerusalem Summons!

PLEASE NOTE!  We reserve the right to omit any site and/or change the itinerary
Should it be necessary due to local conditions.