Jerusalem Summons

November 3 to 14, 2021

DAY ONE - Wednesday, November 3

Fly from the New York City area to Tel Aviv as we begin our Jerusalem Summons Journey.

DAY TWO - Thursday, November 4

Arrive in the afternoon at Ben Gurion Airport. Board an air-conditioned coach to drive through the fertile fields and villages of The Sharon Plain on your way to Galilee. In the evening, a Special Welcome Dinner awaits you at our hotel on the shores of The Sea of Galilee.

Dinner and Overnight: Sea of Galilee

DAY THREE - Friday, November 5

Begin your first morning crossing The Jezreel Valley to the heights of Mount Carmel where Elijah called on the Lord to send the fire from Heaven! Spend a little time in the nearby Druze village of Daliyat Al-Karmel. Visit Jesus’ childhood home of Nazareth to meet and pray with believers there. In the afternoon, we’ll ascend the steep slopes of The Golan Heights and pray at The Border of Syria. As the sun sinks lower, we’ll return to our hotel on the seashore for a Special Shabbat Meal as the peace of The Sabbath settles over the Land.

Dinner and Overnight: Sea of Galilee

DAY FOUR - Saturday, November 6

Spend a leisurely morning in our beautiful resort by The Sea of Galilee. Then visit Capernaum, where Jesus performed many miracles and where we’ll pray for miracles as well! We’ll stop at the little village of Magdala, the home of Mary Magdalene. Then we’ll Set Sail on The Sea of Galilee and spend a time of Praise, Worship and Intercession on the water that was stilled by a word from The Master of The Sea! As the sun dips lower, you’ll have an opportunity to be Baptized in The Jordan River. After dinner, stroll along the shoreline by the Sea or relax in the quiet gardens at our Kibbutz Hotel.

Dinner and Overnight: Sea of Galilee

DAY FIVE - Sunday, November 7

Start your day driving down The Jordan River Valley and stop to remember the place where the Children of Israel first entered The Promised Land at Gilgal. We’ll pray over The Border with Jordan and then head south to Qumran where The Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Take some time to discover the amazing waters of The Dead Sea where you can float effortlessly at the lowest point man can reach anywhere on the surface of the earth! Then ascend up through chalk desert beauty of The Wilderness of Judea to The Holy City of Jerusalem! You’ll join with believers from all over the city to worship at The King of Kings Assembly in The Pavilion at the center of the city. Then a Special Welcome Dinner awaits us at our Lev Yerushalayim (The Heart of Jerusalem) Hotel.

Dinner and Overnight: Lev Yerushalayim, Jerusalem

DAY SIX - Monday, November 8

Ascend to the top of The Temple Mount to intercede for God’s people and the nations. Stand and Pray at The Southern Entrance Gates of The Temple where Jesus often taught His disciples! Then with your own hands, look for new treasures buried since Biblical times at The Temple Mount Sifting Project! We’ll take time to Shop in The Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. After lunch, visit The City of David and descend under the ancient fortifications of the city to The Gihon Spring at the bottom of The Kidron Valley where King Solomon was crowned. In the evening, you’re invited to be a part of a Special Healing and Intercession Service at Succat Hallel (The Tabernacle of Praise) overlooking Mount Zion and The Hinnom Valley.

Dinner and Overnight: Lev Yerushalayim, Jerusalem

DAY SEVEN - Tuesday, November 9

Start your day at The Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed before His Trials and Crucifixion. Then experience Yad VaShem, Israel’s massive Memorial to those who perished in The Holocaust. Drive through The Sharon Plain to Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city. Shop at The Dizengoff Center, Israel’s first enclosed mall, named after Tel Aviv’s first Mayor, Meir Dizengoff. Talk with believers at Dugit, a Messianic Coffeehouse near the Mediterranean Coast. We’ll meet some of the leaders of Congregation Adonai Roi and have a time of intercession with them for all of Israel! Afterwards ascend into the Hills of Jerusalem for the first meeting of The Jerusalem Summons in The Pavilion near our hotel.

Dinner and Overnight: Lev Yerushalayim, Jerusalem

DAY EIGHT AND NINE - Wednesday and Thursday, November 10 & 11

Be inspired and intercede for God’s Purposes in these Days of His Global Outpouring as you come together with believers from all over Israel and the world to worship and pray together in the heart of Jerusalem at The Jerusalem Summons. In the afternoons, you can treat yourself to lunch and shopping in the many shops surrounding The City Center and Ben Yehuda Street or relax in nearby Independence Park.

Dinners and Overnights: Lev Yerushalayim, Jerusalem

DAY TEN - Friday, November 12

Spend the day in The Judean Hills, the Heartland of both Israel and the Bible. Start your day at Mount Gerizim (Har Bracha or The Mount of Blessing), where Samaritans still offer their sacrifices as they did in Jesus’ time. We’ll look out from there over the city of Shechem and pray for the peace and blessing of Israel on this mountain where Joshua and the tribes of Israel proclaimed God’s blessing on His Jewish people over 3,000 years ago! Then spend time in prayer at Shiloh, where The Tabernacle stood for nearly 400 years! Reflect for a moment at Beit El (Bethel) where God revealed himself to the Patriarchs. Worship at Christ Church, the Middle East’s Oldest Protestant Church. Then take some time to Shop in the fascinating Old City of Jerusalem. We’ll end the day by praying over The New US Embassy and at a Special Shabbat Service at The End Time Handmaidens & Servants House of Peace as The Sabbath’s peace and rest settles over the city. In the evening, a Special Shabbat Dinner awaits you at our Lev Yerushalayim Hotel.

Dinner and Overnight: Lev Yerushalayim, Jerusalem

DAY ELEVEN - Saturday, Nov 13

On this last day in Jerusalem, remember Jesus’ trial in the dungeons of The House of Caiaphas. Then celebrate His Victory over every sin with Communion at The Garden Tomb. See the marvelous Model of Ancient Jerusalem at The Israel Museum and stand before The Scroll of Isaiah in The Shrine of The Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept. As the sun sinks lower, we’ll end our day touring The Biblical Garden at Moshav Yad HaShmonah in The Judean Hills looking west out to The Mediterranean Sea. As the sun sets over the hills, we’ll share together some of the wonderful experiences we’ve had at a very Special Farewell Dinner before we return to Ben Gurion Airport for a late night flight home.

DAY TWELVE - Sunday, November 14

Come Home, inspired and refreshed with the New Vision God has given and all that he has done during this very special Jerusalem Summons in Israel!

PLEASE NOTE!  We reserve the right to omit any site and/or change the itinerary
Should it be necessary due to local conditions.